• Cyclodextrin Derivatives

    Ruixibio provides CD-β-Thiol,CD-β-Amino,CD-β-Amino,CD-β-Azide,Cucurbit[5]uril hydrate, Cucurbit[7]uril hydrate,Cucurbit[8]uril hydrate

  • Protein Crosslinkers

    Protein crosslinkers are chemical compounds used to covalently bind, or conjugate,Protein crosslinking agents possess reactive moieties specific to various functional groups (sulfhydryls, amines, carbohydrates, etc.) on proteins, peptides, or other molecular complexes.

  • Synthesis of prodrugs

    Ruixi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. can provide a variety of precursor drugs.Ruixi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. can provide a variety of precursor drug products. Our laboratory can form polymers for most tumor drugs and various drugs or small molecules, modify various drugs with polysaccharides and peptides, or modify small molecules with chemical bonds. The products we are currently selling include adriamycin and paclitaxel Camptothecin and other conventional anti-tumor drugs

  • Metal-Organic Frameworks

    Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are a class of compounds consisting of metal ions or clusters coordinated to organic ligands to form one-, two-, or three-dimensional structures. They are a subclass of coordination polymers, with the special feature that they are often porous.

  • AIE(aggregation-induced emission)

    Compared with the traditional organic light-emitting materials, AIE, as a new design concept and theory of optical materials, has attracted a wide range of interest from chemists and material scientists at home and abroad. The most significant advantage of AIE material is its efficient luminescence in the aggregation state.

  • Macrocyclic Ligand

    DO3A-DBCO,Azido-mono-amide-DOTA,4-Aminobutyl-DOTA,p-NH-Bn-DTPA,p-NH-Bn-DTPA-penta (t-Bu ester),p-SCN-Bn-DTPA,DTPA-tetra (t-Bu ester) and so on.These macrocyclic ligands can be provided by Ruixi biology.Ruixi biology can also customize the products you need.

  • Polysaccharide

    Polysaccharide is a kind of complex and huge carbohydrate material, which is composed of many monosaccharide molecules condensed and dehydrated.UDP-Xylose,UDP-rhamnose and so on.

  • Custom synthetics

    In addition to the above products, Ruixi biology can also customize other products for you. According to the structure provided by customers, we can customize the products you need.

  • PROTAC Linker

    Proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC) technology, the recruitment of E3 ubiquitin ligases to induce the degradation of a protein target.Unlike the small molecule ligands, the length of the linker has been randomly selected for PROTACs, varying from 12-carbon to over 20-carbon in length. An optimal linker will allow for maximal interaction between the two moieties (target protein and E3 ligase) resulting in efficient ubiquitination of the target protein and its ultimate degradation.

  • porphyrins

    Porphyrins are complex nitrogen-containing compounds which are produced by the change of plant and animal pigments (chlorophyll or heme).Ruixi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. can provide all kinds of porphyrins and all kinds of metal ligand porphyrins. We can also provide tetra-p-phenylporphyrins modified by different active groups such as amino carboxyl alkynyl hydroxyl. We can also provide customized products and coupling products of porphyrins.

  • Fluorine chemical products

    Fluorochemical products are compounds containing the element fluorine and are commonly used in a variety of industrial and scientific applications. Fluorine chemical products have many special properties, such as high chemical stability, low surface energy and inertness. These products play an important role in many different fields, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, surface lubrication, materials science and the electronics industry.

  • polypeptide

    Polypeptides are compounds formed by α - amino acids linked together by peptide bonds and are intermediate products of protein hydrolysis.At present, our peptides include antibody blocking peptides, functional peptides and so on. You can consult if you need.

  • Pesticide metabolite

    Pesticide metabolism can be classified into animal, plant, and microbial metabolism according to biological objects. According to the classification of chemical reactions, they can be divided into oxidation reactions, hydrolysis reactions, reduction reactions, and conjugation reactions. The first three are primary metabolism, and the latter is secondary metabolism.

  • MOF intermediate

    MOF intermediates can be divided into monomers and ligands, such as carboxylic acid MOF ligand, nitrogen-containing MOF ligand, carboxylic acid nitrogen-containing mixed MOF ligand, two-dimensional MOF ligand, organic framework monomer block, COF organic monomer, etc.

  • Covalent organic frameworks

    Covalent organic frameworks (COFS) are a kind of crystalline porous polymers, which can integrate the organic units accurately on the atoms, thus forming the pre designed framework and nano pores. It can be used to design organic materials for gas storage, catalysis and optoelectronic applications.

  • ZIF

    ZIF is the framework material of zeolites imidazole ester, which is a porous crystal material.ZIF is a potential active inorganic filler for gas separation membrane.ZIF based materials can be used in low energy gas separation, catalytic nano reactor and sensor technology. ZIF has many products, such as zif-12, zif-7, zif-8, zif-20, zif-9 and so on.

  • Electrospinning

    Electrospinning technology has been used in dozens of different polymers.For example,the electrospinning of flexible polymers such as polyester,polyamide, polyvinyl alcohol and polyacrylonitrile also includes the electrospinning of polyurethane elastomer and the electrospinning of liquid crystalline rigid polymer poly-p-phthaloyl-p-phenylenediamine.

  • Click chemistry(DBCO)

    Click chemistry includes dbco reagents, tetrazine reagents, azide reagents, alkyne reagents, TCO reagents, cyclopropene reagents, BCN reagents, cleavage probes, etc.